We specialize in fabrication services of all metals and thicknesses. Listed below are just some of the things we can do. If the service you are looking for is not listed below or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone, fax, or email.

We Supply
Metal Sheets
• Aluminum
• Brass
• Copper
• Galvanize
• Lead
• Mild Steel
• Stainless Steel
Structural Components
• Angles
• Channels
• Flat Bars
• Pipes
• Rods
• Tubes
• I-Beams

Fabrication Services:
• Angle Iron & Tubular Rolling
• Metal Forming & Shearing
• Hole Punching
• Laser Cutting (Acrylics, Corian, Metals, Wood, etc.)
• Machine Work
• Plate Rolling
• Specialized Welding
• Custom Finishing
• Press Forming & Braking

Fabricated Products:
• Anchor Plates
• Beam Connector Plates
• Commercial & Residential Kitchen Equipment
• Control Panels
•Customized Metal Parts
• Equipment / Electrical Enclosures
• Guard Plates
• Sign Boxes
• Sign Posts
• Staircases & Railings
• Tanks
• Threshold Plates
• Grease Traps and Extensions
• Bottom-Fishing Reels & Equipment
• Food Service Equipment

• 41,000 square feet of clean, devoted manufacturing space
• 5,000 sq. ft. of adjacent property available for additional parking
• We are able to service a wide variety of projects ranging from a simple push plate to re-lining the bed of a 25-40 foot tractor trailer

• Newly acquired Waterjet Cutting System
• Cincinatti CL-7 CNC LASER (currently only one of its kind and size in Hawaii) and a full staff of CAD and LASER technicians
• Shears capable of cutting metals of various thicknesses
• Hydraulic Brakes
• Expert Welders

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